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Let’s be clear: your employees drive your company’s performance. Every day. At least, when you make sure to give them the right tools. Katch enables your employees to perform easier and faster by asking and giving direct feedback and compliments. This makes feedback finally the most reliable source of information for people¬†to reshape their behavior and learn at high-speed. Feedback can’t wait. Katch enables a measurable and social performance culture.



Katch is available on all browsers and devices as mobile (responsive) web version. For iOS and Android we provide native versions. We can apply your company’s branding and skill / competence set


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Katch enables our trainer and students to practice what is being trained and learn from others how they progress. Ongoing feedback helps them reshape their behavior and helps us measure the impact of a training. Go far beyond the 360!


Our organization works project-based and people move from one team to the other. Katch helps them stay open for others, be self-aware and confident about their talents. Oh, and every Friday it’s compliment day: it’s their way to end the working week!


Customers appreciate our sales people ask for feedback after their meetups. They love being approached on this person-to-person basis instead of yearly anonymous surveys. How can you perform better, again and again, for your customer if you don’t know their feedback?


Our company’s performance is driven by talented people, open for learning and highly aware of their strengths. Katch empowers them and makes it a lot easier to open up for personal feedback. Our people know what they’re capable, realitme.


Contact us to discuss your specific company’s needs. This will clarify what it takes to make it a success at your company for your people.

For your company
Get more out of your account
  • Native smartphone versions
  • Own corporate identity
  • Own competence / skill set
  • Dashboard with analytics
  • Control over user access
  • Trigger message programs
  • Professional Services bundle
  • Additional customer support
  • Access to APIs
  • Private Database / Cloud
For employees
Personal accounts
  • Ask and give unlimited times feedback
  • Send compliments
  • Receive and re-read feedback
  • Feedback scores show progression
  • Real-time and pdf reports
  • No download needed for feedback giver
  • Find and add colleagues
  • Ask customer for feedback
  • Optionally make your top qualities public

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