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Dr Tim Baker, Winners At Work (Australia):

“360 degree feedback underlines that the most powerful change agent is personal insight. Katch supports continuous insights this way, which is brilliant and timely. I fully support the concept of Katch and think it will revolutionise the way we work”.

reducecostsThe costs of talent measurement in organizations is driven by a variety of tools, collected over the years. Assessment centers, various self-assessments, tests used by coaches and trainers, CV databases, (historic) annual reviews, historic yearly 360º reports, etc. Here’s our blog and research on why one-off, traditional 360s failed.  This will explain fundamentally why you need to make a strategic decision to revamp talent development, 360º feedback, and create a continuous improvement of people.  In the same stroke you will build vetted talent data.

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Performance reviews are painful. Let’s face it. Usually HR or my manager kicks off the yearly ritual, without me of course. I’m not needed. It’s anonymous. Results are revealed to my manager and by my manager, at the same time as the consequences for my career and salary. No fair trial, I’d say. No learning, no trust, no meaning, no context, no better performance. Just a verdict.

This blog describes the new way of reviewing people. Why big data should be created, yet built in small steps, every time, every day, every week. 75% of global HR management wants better talent measurement. Time has come to tailor better to their needs with new innovative tools.

Why are these traditional yearly 360º measurements inaccurate and disengaging me and others? Why do they lack delivering insight in a person’s performance?

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Axe Versie 4To achieve continuous improvement there must always be some kind of continuous #feedback. In a report from E.D. Pulakos and R.S. O’Leary (Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2011) “… the reality is that informal, continuous feedback is the most important and powerful feedback that can be given…the importance of continuous feedback to help employees make real-time alterations in their behavior, enabling them to perform their work more efficiently and effectively.” Or like Bill Gates said recently in his TED talk: “And with no feedback, no coaching, there’s just no way to improve”.

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LearnThe new learning tools in leading organizations are embedded in daily workflow. The reason for this is quite simple: learning requires context.

The baby boom generation will remember when learning math used to be a repetitive exercise in memorizing multiplication tables: what is 10X10, 11×11, 12×12 …? Nowadays our kids come home with math questions in a context. For example, what is cheaper? Leasing a car for 48 months at $100 per month or buying a car for $5,000? We were seriously impressed by the “new” math. It’s more effective, more interesting, and you can apply it right away.

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