grouplearningThe hard truth is that if you want to take your organization into the future with innovations you’ve got to have a learning organization:

On the basis of a unique data set covering 2000 Danish private firms it is demonstrated that firms combining several of the organizational traits of the learning organization are much more prone to introduce new products than the others.” (Peter Nielsen and Bengt-Åke Lundvall study, Aalborg University).

One of the critical ingredients for creating a learning organization is ensuring you’ve got a feedback culture.  Let’s face it, how do you learn without asking for feedback?

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More about Coaching – Less about Defending

Based on our research one important reason for companies to revamp their performance reviews is to put more focus on coaching and feedback. Companies struggle with their current performance reviews because the discussions get defensive and fearful and there’s not enough focus on employee development. Employees believe the review is about compensation decisions and so they get defensive during the review.

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Trust pictureFinally, Self Service Feedback! For my previous employer, 10 years ago, we started moving various Finance and HR services into employee “self services”. This transition produced significant productivity gains and placed my previous employer in a best-in-class category for operational excellence. For example, the reimbursement of employee travel expenses was made into a self-service function where employees initiated a travel expense form on-line which was routed automatically to the bank for payment.

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