Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 17.41.43David Lock, Arrows with Soul (Singapore):

“Katch enables change and people making more impact. Arrows with Soul has for this reason developed a special on-boarding program for customers of Katch. This program will ensure greater traction, gyroscopic stability, and a healthy dose of attitude change towards a more engaged, productive and fun working experience for all.”





Erwin Hemmen, Director The Acceleration Group: 

“We do high impact consulting leading to high impact results.  For this reason we cannot wait until the end-of-project evaluation from our clients.  We need actionable feedback on client’s premises to deliver actionable results during the project. That’s why we use Katch to ask feedback during a project and take notes from what’s been said by clients, discuss, and continuously improve what we do.”



Corline van Reenen, Rabobank, speaker at the HR Techn0logy Conference:

“We’re not implementing a tool at Rabobank with Katch, we’re creating a feedback culture.  We use Katch to enhance attention for feedback. It’s the idea of being in charge of their own feedback.  We can ask it anytime, just-in-time.”

“I replaced a colleague recently who was ill that day to take-over her presentation. I needed to improvise. At the start I told my audience that I would ask for their feedback with Katch (non-users can give feedback without the obligation to sign-up first) to improve my presentation skills. I got nice reactions.  For me it was great to hear my presentation was very good.  As I was improvising my technique went down, I thought!  For me it was reassuring to know I can do presentations.  I have my own style.  I can improvise.  In this situation it was really nice that I could use Katch.”