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Engaging Tools for Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Josh Bersin, founder of Bersin by Deloitte, wrote in a Forbes article that HR systems “Originally conceived as systems to help HR managers administer various people practices (even PeopleSoft did this), now HR software is really designed to help employees and managers manage themselves.” And that’s how we designed Katch: to allow employees to manage their own feedback.

Let’s take one step back and think logically:  if you want to engage employees you need to use engaging tools.  This is an important shift in perspective.  And how do you make tools engaging?  Three very simple ways:

  • Firstly, user experience: at Katch we wanted to make a simple feedback tool that people can click on while mobile and feel good about.  Since more than 50% of the stuff we read is on our mobile device, tools need to be present there.  A recent article on HumanCapitalist.com stated: “…companies have rightfully obsessed over customer user experience while in many cases completely ignoring the employee UX”.  According to Bersin by Deloitte research the number 2 reason why organizations want a new HRIS is improved user experience.
  • Secondly, empowerment: at Katch we wanted to allow for people to be in charge of their own feedback and to share their talent data amongst themselves in the organization to collaborate easier and make a person’s talent more ”fluid”. That’s why Katch has features like a dashboard showing top 5 talents and the ability to find/view other people’s top talents.  If people are going to manage themselves better and collaborate better, they’re going to need to access information easily.
  • Thirdly, people-centric: at Katch we don’t believe in hiding things.  We believe in transparency. Truly people centric tools cater to the fact that people are curious creatures (its in our genes) and that people’s deepest drivers are social. That’s why Katch wants to release the social energy to share and bind, to view and find…

Brian Sommers CEO of TechVentive said:  “… a new crop of HR solutions are entering the market and they’re different. They’re different as they were designed first and foremost for PERSONS not corporations.”

The Conference Board CEO Challenge of 2013 surveyed 729 CEO’s this year and found out that the number one challenge on their minds is Human Capital.  Deloitte research shows today that “… businesses today are constrained by their own ability to hire and develop leaders, coupled with a growing lack of technical and professional skills in the market.”  Talent management and engagement are huge issues.  Isn’t it time to bring in engaging tools to deal with your employee engagement issues? How do you accomplish this in your organization?

Sandra Corbeau


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