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Performance Review? Better start Performance Coaching!

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More about Coaching – Less about Defending

Based on our research one important reason for companies to revamp their performance reviews is to put more focus on coaching and feedback. Companies struggle with their current performance reviews because the discussions get defensive and fearful and there’s not enough focus on employee development. Employees believe the review is about compensation decisions and so they get defensive during the review.

Kelly Services recently reported that they decided to change the objective of the performance discussion for this reason. They decided that compensation decisions would be taken in a different setting and that the goal of the performance review was to be totally focused on feedback, coaching and employee motivation.

Adobe another leader in HR strategy moved in 2012 from yearly performance rankings to frequent “check-ins” where managers provide employees targeted coaching and advice. They had the same goal. Get the discussions away from rankings and scores for compensation decisions.

Katch is a perfect tool for supporting this kind of move. Once employees are using Katch to ask for feedback and ratings continuously, the Katch Personal Reports can be brought to the performance and coaching discussion. Due to the fact that the feedback in Katch reports is from multiple sources – sometimes dozens of difference sources – the feedback information is rich and reliable enabling managers to focus the discussion on development opportunities, strengths, and future training.

More Empowerment

Another reason companies want to change their performance review process is to introduce more empowerment to employees. Companies want employees to feel empowered to drive their own personal development and growth.

Netflix, another leader in HR strategy, has even incorporated the concept of empowerment into their corporate values. They call it: “Freedom & Responsibility”. They communicate to employees the following: “an individual’s economic security is based upon their skills and reputation”. As a result Netflix promises to their employees to consistently provide opportunity to grow both skills and reputation.

When empowering employees, Katch can be used to allow the employee to decide their entire feedback cycle. In Katch, the employee determines who will be asked to give feedback, when they will be asked, and how often they will be asked. In addition, the employee even determines what competencies they want to focus on. This is full self-service feedback for employees

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According to Kelly Services when performance reviews became more coaching oriented and employees were more empowered, the company experienced less employee turnover, more cross departmental transfers, stronger performance improvements, and they attracted new talent to the company.

When Adobe introduced voluntary check-ins to replace performance reviews, voluntary attrition at Adobe has dropped 30%; not only that, of those employees who opt to leave the company, a higher percentage of them are “non-regrettable” departures.

These are results which are worth the effort!

Maurik Dippel

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